I have been listening to Doolin Dalton by the Eagles alot lately, and I wanted to give a shot at a somewhat historical song. I still have some tweaking to do on the lyrics, so feedback and suggestions will be appreciated.

A man of steel, walks the street
Gun in hand, blood at his feet
4 lawmen stand, to end it today
Dead or alive, either way

The music of battle, echoed thru the town
The lawmen fired, and layed lives down
The man of steel, walked alone
Towards his enemy, and the hanging rope

Hang 'em high, or bury 'em deep
It doesn't matter, just get them off the streets

An outlaw--->
looking for freedom
A rebel --->
Living for fun
Walking the path--->
to his 6ft hole
May God have mercy
On your soul

His gang lay dead, in a near by inn
The lawmens guns, strikes again
The man of steel, has nothing left
So he walks alone, to his death

A round to the knee, he walks no more
The law has caught up with him, and won the war
The man of steel, lays at their feet
He may be caught, but won't defeat


3 dead, up to this date
And all along, he knew his fate
The man of steel, hangs alone
Hes walked the path, he's headed home

Alt. Bridge/chorus

He had his highs, now he has his sleep
And forever, he will roam these streets

He's an outlaw-->
who found his freedom
A rebel--->
who lived for fun
He's walked the path--->
to his 6ft hole
May God have mercy, on his soul
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