I have a Fender Jaguar. Two things I can't stand about it:
1.) The tuning pegs are irritating because the strings can't loop through as there is no hole, just the slit style.
2.) My low E string often slips slightly creating fret buzz because of the bridge; which doesn't have grooves for the string to fit into.

My question for the pros: (These may seem silly, but I a novice at repairs) If I wanted to get different Tuning Pegs, can I use any type of Tuning Pegs for a Jaguar? Are some better than others or are they universally standard? Also is it an easy fix? I'd rather not take it into a shop if I can do it myself.

My hope is that if I can string the guitar easier with better pegs maybe my low E string problem will be fixed due to tightness. Otherwise, I will likely have to take it in and get the bridge costumized :/

Thanks for the help in advance!