saw this guitar for sale the other day, ibanez iceman ic 300, thought it had a really cool shape, im going back to play it soon to see how it sounds. i was just wondering if its good for metal, just so i know what im getting myself into. also it has a pickgaurd which i havent seen on any pictures on the web so im wondering if thats legit? the guys asking 250 for it, what do you guys think?
It's not an awful guitar, but its balance for playing while standing is awful - it nose dives and tips away from you VERY heavily.
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250 is a pretty good deal. If you get it and intend on playing live/standing up you'll probably want to look online for a good place to drill a new whole for a new strap peg thing. Iceman's are notorious for terribad neckdive.

They're pretty great guitars other than that though.
I love icemans, I got to try a few different models *including thisone* and I have to say they are great though what everyone is telling you about the neck dive is true. Iether find another place for the strap pegs or add some weight to the bottom of the guitar, I have had to do this to a guitar once and it was easy. I just got some flat fishing weights and anchored them inside the electronics cavity with small screws, it cost me about $3 to do it.