My friend showed me this song called "Death to All But Metal" by Steel Panther. Now, I'm sure some of you have heard to song or seen the video, but I was literally on my ass laughing from this. I seriously hope that they weren't serious with this


The lyrical genius behind this is astronomical...
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Need a laugh?
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That deserved a lolmeter

Steel Panther is hilarious! I've known about them for a while now. They're a joke band that makes fun of/covers ridiculous '80s glam rock. I think they are most famous for their 'Danger Kitty' commercial.
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
No, I get the "joke," it's just that people think that they are legitimately a "metal" band, which they are not, just because they play in an 80s glam rock style.
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Metal truly is the superior genre of music.

For example, when you compare it to rap music/hip-hop which has many negative aspects and little redeeming qualities:

Degrades the English language
Promotes tagging and vandalism
Degrades women
Implies postivity to primitive force (look at any metal cd, and youll see an imaginative cover with interesting artwork, look at a rap CD, you'll see an angry black man wanting to fight)
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