Hello, I am new to the forums, and this is my first post. I have written a handful of songs, but never really shared them much before, even though I've been lurking the forums for quite a while. I'd like some critique on my song "Opportunity", even though I recorded the song some months ago. I have other recordings which I will post on my profile soon enough, so enjoy my music!

Actually, you can hear my music at myspace too, but I still like the idea of creating a UG profile as well. Here's the myspace:
Thanks man! I don't really listen to Alice Cooper or familiar of what he normally sounds like. His voice seems harsh and gritty. You think I actually sound like him?

I mic'd my amp for the guitars. The synth I recorded direct. The "acoustic" guitar is just my electric guitar with the mic placed very close to the bridge to get the pick attacks. It sounds very weak, so I try to make it sound fuller by turning up the amp, so the mic can pick up the room sounds so the guitar can sound "fuller". Yeah I know it isn't an acoustic, but it sounds alright to me. The bass sounds like crap since I recorded my guitar and used FX to shift the audio an octave down. My synth can make bass sounds, but it doesn't sound like a real bass either. I think I should write songs without bass guitar parts and focus on different sounds I can get instead.