What kind of stickers would you use to put on a guitar? and please don't say anything about it's stupid and tacky, Tom Morello used stickers on his guitar and still has them on. Also I am going to think long and hard about what i am going to put on it,

P.S. it's a really plain looking guitar
I have a bumper sticker on my laptop that says "No job, no money, no car ... but I'm in a band!"

I figure that would good for a guitar.
Try James Hetfields sticker/look with the words wrote in ducktape
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I've got a big mother of a Sabian sticker on my LP, and a keychain drumstick on my gigbag. Freaks people out.



you could always just draw stuff onto it with a paint marker, unless you are a bad drawer or something. that is what i would do
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