Poll: What is the most comfortable electric guitar to lay with?
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View poll results: What is the most comfortable electric guitar to lay with?
Gibson Les Paul
12 21%
Fender Stratocaster
17 30%
Gibson SG
5 9%
Fender Telecaster
8 14%
Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster
14 25%
Voters: 56.
You know who you are. You come home from a hard day's work, kick off your shoes, climb into bed and snuggle with your favorite six string until you are fast asleep.

What electric guitar is the most comfortable to lay down with and why?

(I would include the Explorer and Flying V but figure they won't be competition.)
"teh most gains"
which of those guitars has a vagina.
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Why aren't any BC Rich Warlock's in the poll?

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The Warlock should be up there in the poll.
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^ +1
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You are what they call a “rhythm guitarist”. While it's not as glamorous as playing lead you can still get laid. Especially if you can sing and play.

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i know what he's talking bout just laying and playing,

well my gibson LP standard is quite nice i must say but most preferably you would use a acoustic guitar for laying and playing.

especially in summertime with some chicks in the park makes you have good times brother
Theres like 10 people on your page that are like "WTF? Wheres the big boobs!"
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Man did you wake up with holes and cuts all over you or what?

EDIT: I've slept with my Maton CW-80, it has some nice curves, very comfy and smells nice tbh.

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i would say SG (surprisingly) because the bevelled edges of the body are nice and smooth.

for the very same reason i put the jaguar/jazzmaster in the poll although all those switches and things would probably scratch you a bit. Although i usually find that i can sleep better at night knowing my guitars are safely locked away in their cases.

and some of you guys need to take a cold shower. This thread is not about sex. It's about guitars.
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Of all the ones listed there, the stratocaster is the most comfortable guitar to play with. IMO, ESP AL models and Jackson RR's are the most comfortable guitars to play with. Hope your question had to do with playing comfortability, anything else is... er.... just don't do it please
Most likely a Parker Fly or ESP Horizon.
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Any LP shaped guitar. Ever.

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