Hey y'all just put up a new song. If you like Mastodon, Isis, or any of that type of shit come check it out. I kinda put in a little bit of some melodic -core flavor in the style of BTBAM too lol. Hit me up with a link and I'll check yours out. Song is in profile. Thanks
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So the intro I thought was a little weird, but once it picked up, I liked it a lot. I like the variation in the riffs, although having some vocal melodies would help tie it all together a lot better. It sort of reminds me of Dream Theater, except it's more '-core'. It could use a solo or two though. All in all, it's a great song. Keep it up.

I finally got drums on Death March, and I'd like to know what you think.

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thoughts as i'm listening:

-i totally see why you mentioned isis. the intro reminds me a lot of them.

-dude, the distorted entrance is awesome. like, i jumped up in my seat.

- very cool stuff, reminds me of BTBAM, like you said. riff at 1:56 sounds like Death in their later years.

- you did a really, really good job with writing the synth parts but i think they're mixed just a tad to high, they tend to drown out the guitar.

- i don't know if you intended for this to have vocals over it, but it could seriously work either way. some parts, imo, would sound even better with some vocals over top of them, but it's interesting enough on it's own that they aren't necessary.

-the choir pad at around 4:32 is gorgeous.

-i'm not really big on breakdowns, i always feel like they go on for too long. this one's okay, but i still feel like it could probably have been more interesting. maybe that's just the lack of vocals.

- very very nice conclusion. love the organ.

what did you use for the drums? they sound really thick and realistic as opposed to the awful garageband preset drums i use. overall this is a really really good track. your production skills are fantastic.

check mine out if you get the chance?
nice song here man, I really liked the synths in the intro...one thing though in that part, the cymbals were too notorious, too loud maybe for the guitar volume. i like how the songs kicks in @1:10, good use of double tracking and panning...I don't why but i hear a Veil of Maya influence maybe? around 1:55.

I love that it's a really heavy song, yet it can be calm...like that nice interlude @4:15, great snares btw and as everywhere in the song, nice church pads
you have to tell me which VSTs are you using to make those synths please

one thing, that chugging at 5:08 seemed out of place for a moment, maybe adding some lead guitar or more keyboards will solve it... the ending was great too...

Awesome, I can definitely hear the Mastodon influence! At first I was impartial to your clean tone but I ended up liking it. I think the song could use some vocals. The way the song progresses is great! I really like that there are keyboards, but I wish they were playing triangle or square waves. Seriously, gnarly riffing bro!

Btw, I would appreciate if you could give me a bit of crit for the song on my profile called Beautiful Rune.
I enjoyed this. It really picked up steam as it went along. My favorite part was in the first half of the song when you panned really far L/R with separate riffs. Sounded really interesting, I think some parts of the track could use another layer to add a bit more, but overall it was engaging from start to finish. The melodic break was a great addition, and the transitions were very well done throughout. Good work on this one!