So I picked up a 5150, but the footswitch didn't come with a MIDI cable so I've ordered one (didn't have a spare, can't be bothered to wrench one out of my other gear).

The CRUNCH and CHANNEL buttons are self-explanatory, but what does the EFFECTS button do? Will that turn on/off the FX Loop? If so, that's rather damned cool.
Yeah it definitely has an EFFECTS button, next to CRUNCH and CHANNEL.

Hmm.. this begs the question of how to set up my gate with this then. It's got a separate preamp out as well as the FX loop, what would I use that for?

I have my NS2 in the X-connection so that it's gating both the FX loop and the front of the amp, but if that channel switch turns effects in the chain on and off.. hmm..
the preamp out is for going out to recorders, mixing boards etc.

to gate the front and loop its easily and better to just buy two NS2s, i've only got one reducing noise and feedback from the front of the amp, but 5150/6505s have a shitload of preamp hiss, so im considering getting another for the loop.
If you don't mind me asking how much did you pay for the thing? I played on one last week and was really blown away at how different it was then what I currently play on. I really liked it.
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