Another cover from me Tell your opinion to me about this cover...

The first little solo wasn't added , 'cause I didn't know how to use the sony vegas for 2 videos ( the previous videos was edited by my friends ) Anyway, please enjoy this vid.

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Hi man, your video is bloqued because of WMG copyright... It's weird, I uploaded a cover of this song, and there was no problem with WMG.
It says ,that it's blocked in some countries only...

Mhm... I know a way you can chack it out

I'll post it later
To tsoun-net : I've done that part and recorded it ,but i didn't know how to attach it to previous video ,so i put in only the main when I have time , I'll definitely add the first solo and main riff together
Ah ok, I didn't know that ! I'm sorry then. I'll check it when you'll add the solo !