I'm looking for a new amp. I've got a little Roland Cube-30, but now I need something that sounds a lot better, and that I can use for band practice and gigs.

My band and I play music inspired Muse - (www.symetric.dk). But in my spare time, outside the band, I love to play metal such as: Metallica, Trivium, Lamb of God, Avenged Sevenfold, System of a Down and other.

I'm looking for a combo, because I don't have any chance of moving a stack around.

I have pedal to take care of distortion, overdrive and fuzz, therefore am I looking for a combo with a very nice and sparkly clean channel.

My price limit is about 2000 $ But take in mind that amps are a lot more expensive due to taxes here in Denmark.

Sorry for the English :P

Regards Kasper Hildebrandt, Denmark
Vox VT series are good, but i would look at a Peavey 6505+ combo it has tubes and it is awesome especially through active EMG's. Also check out the Peavey vypyrs you'll need about 75 watts or more apart from the 6505+.
Its down to personal Taste, Go to a couple of music shops, try them out,,, Valve amp's sound better to my ears, but are harder and most expensive to fix,, Go For a Marshall or a Mesa Boogie ! Make sure u like the sound, and its not too heavy(if your lifting it all the time), and its Durable for outdoor Gigs so it will last
You have quite a big budget. Not sure why VOX VT series are getting mentioned as they are low budget amps. Anyway take a look into the peavey, Engl, laney, Marshall,mesa and H&K all tube amps and see what you prefer. (theres countless other brands going about as well) Engls, Marshalls, Hughes & Kettner and Laneys are definatly worth a shout here in europe.
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Vox VT series are good

At this price range, I'd be looking at the Vox AC series.
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A mesa boogie of some sort, a dual rec or a mark IV/V will be versatile enough to give you those sounds

I agree with this guy. Get a Mesa.

Go used too, you'll get a better bang for your buck. Mesas are built like tanks.

To add to his suggestions, you could also look into the Mesa Stiletto.
If you like the distortion you get from your pedals and are just looking for something with a great clean tone, take a look at this one.
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