Guys, I had opened another thread about this subject but it was closed after two or three answers, why? Anyway...

I try to play up & down palm mute but playing the whole chord upstroke and palm muting seems hard, since my right hand is attached to the bridge. Do you only play one string up and down palm mute? Not the whole three strings of a power chord?
Another question, is the quality of the guitar its self important for the sound of the palm mute? Cause it sounds scratchy, the noise of the pick touching the strings is loud, annoying....
The Scratchy sound is probably due to pick angle/muting technique...not guitar. Try keeping the pick more parallel to the strings.

I'm guessing your gonna hear stuff like "just keep working on it" and they are probably right...I have a little trouble doing this myslef...I can mute chords on the upstroke...but it does sound a LOT different (my muting...not the obvious difference in the sound of the chord). I tend to OVER mute on upstrokes...methinks I'm trying too hard.
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I hear this a lot, wrong side of the pick, what is the right way to hold the pick? Just the way you play all the time, with the peak of the pick , the 'nose' of it, what else?
Ahhh, as for the different sound of the upstroke palm mute you mentioned I think it's general, upstroke sounds different from downstroke generally, it tends to sound the same as you speed up.
You should be able to 'mute a triad in one strait go, I do it all the time. Just keep your palm in that sweet spot, where it sounds muffles but still alive, and maye even try on one string and work your way up. Also, don't mute too hard either, it should just sit there.
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