how do I adjust the fretboard on my JS30KV? The fretboard is not at the same angle with the guitar body, so the strings gradually get lower, and I have fret buzz at the first fret. The strings are about 1 cm from the pickups, however I have fret buzz on the first fret because of the angle of the fretboard.
you might want a experienced person to dabble with the truss rod.
It's not for noobs.
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everyones so god damn ****ing patronizing on these forums. All I am asking is where the truss rod is. Nevermind
Chill out guys.

The truss rod is under the truss-rod cover. That's the little plastic thing at the top of the fretboard on the headstock. You don't need to take it to a tech as long as you adjust it slowly. The way to adjust it safely is to do a 1/4 turn at a time and let the guitar sit for ~30 mins so the neck can adjust. Then re-tune and judge if the neck needs further adjustment.

Now, it sounds like you'll need to turn it clockwise. Remember, just 1/4 turn at a time and let the neck rest.
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I'd say if you know where the truss rod is now. That the neck is to tight and you need to turn it left to loosen it up.
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