hello there,
I'm thinking of getting soame sort of a booster for my peavey classic 50. In general it would be used to give volume boost, or gain boost, or the combination of both for lead channel and clean channel during the solo. I'm thinking about either maxon 808 or ibanez TS9. So here are some expectations that i have regarding this pedal :
-transparent boost, to preserve the natural tonal characteristics of both, the amp and the guitar
-ability to boost the clean and the lead channel, only with volume and also with gain, depending on the situation
-ability to boost the volume of the distortion pedal run through a clean channel.
What do you guys think of those pedals? Have you ever tried those with the classic?
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An OD as a boost will do more along the lines of tightening your amp up.


An OD won't magically boost your signal by 20db, which is the job of a real boost pedal.
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An OD as a boost will do more along the lines of tightening your amp up.

Do you mean, that it'll add much of itself to the overall sound? Am i getting it right?

So what i understand is that you suggest something that works best with one knob, right? Like MXR micro amp or EHX LPB-1. But i thought that sometimes one knob won't give that much boost in certain situations, because both volume and gain are kind of increased with this control and you can really balance between those two. But i'm not raelly sure so it's possible that i'm wrong, or it's not raelly imporatant. Xotics seem cool, but are a bit too expensive
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When you put a boost infront of distortion it will add more gain and a touch of volume usually, when you put the boost after distortion, it will add volume.

What is your budget for a boost pedal?
Where do you live?
If you get a clean boost and put it in your effects loop it will provide a volume boost regardless of your channel.


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OK, i got it. Well i know how the boost pedal works in front of the distortion, after the distortion, or before the preamp, or in the FX loop. The thing is, that when you want a clean boost you need to have in the loop, but when you need to add drive in the next song f.e. you need to put it back in the chain - not very convinient. I thought about something that could give both, clean and dirty boost depending on the actual situation and need. I heard that a lot of people use TS9 or 808 for boosting the drive channel, but i don't know the details
The xotics cost aroud $230 in central europe and for example the EH LPB-1 is around $55
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I think the only real solution for this problem (one that I have also encountered) it to get two boost pedals, place one infront of the amp and one in the effects loop. Sorry, I see no other way...
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Hello there,

I recently acquired a Peavey Classic 30 tube amp (since my old Vox amp died) & am quite pleased with it - esp re the noise/size ratio, sounds fab with my Gretsch G5129 'Electromatic', and the reverb knob is great, though not all that substantial when turned all the way up .... and I never use that awful 'boost' switch.

So what I've been looking for to -- 'boost'/modify/Crampify/what-have-you.. -- the sound/noise of my axe is a decent Super-Fuzz box - à la Univox - and/or a nice, dirty overdrive/wah/... pedal, for starters....

As vintage Shin-ei / Univox Super-Fuzz pedals - hell, even Black Cat fuzzes - are damn near impossible to come by these days, I finally found & ordered a Wattson Classic Electronics (Super-)Fuzz pedal online and just can't wait for it to arrive in the mail!!!!..

Didn't find that wide a selection of effects pedals last weekend at my local guitar shops, but got to play my Gretsch through one of those 'heavy-duty' analogue tube overdrive pedals (can't remember the make..) hooked-up to one of the shop's Classic 30s - and it was a real CLOBBER!!
Oh btw - just checked - it was a Hughes & Kettner 'Tube Factor'(OD) pedal.

AND -- my Wattson Super-Fuzz arrived last Friday! I just can't get over the actual build of this thing, talk about solid .... and, of course, the sound is simply *delicious*!!