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Do you ever do it? Am I the only one who can't start a conversation lasting more than 1 minute? Do people cutting your hair even want to talk? I'd think the latter but they keep asking me so many questions.

I mean I think I'm good at holding a conversation but at the hairdresser it's just impossible, but I look around and see other customers doing it. Maybe they're regulars or something though. I liked the last hairdresser I used to go to, he was a guy and never said a word and liked it that way.
I've not cut my hair for 5 years.

It's turning into dreadlocks due to not combing it, it's covered in split ends, a friend described it as "dead", but never again will I have to make painful stilted smalltalk with a middle-aged German man who keeps asking me if I play lawn bowls.
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I always chat to my stylist when I'm getting my hair done - the weather, going out, holidays, men etc. - anything really. Plus she's lovely.
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Depends on the person cutting my hair. I talked about politics with the last person that cut my hair, summer plans before that and nothing much with the barber before that

Just depends if I'm in a sociable mood or not. If I want to keep a conversation going I can but if I can't be bothered and just want my haircut I guess I'll just be sort of short with them (unintended pun, yasss).
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Well i've been going to my hairdresser since I was 2 or something so they mostly do all the talking and asking questions about my life etc. But when they don't or when I get a new one I;m not good at it either, I just like the feeling of sitting there and getting a haircut, no need for conversation
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I dont usually talk that much although i usually get asked when im graduating high school even though im in second year university
It's always the last day of summer and I've been left out in the cold with no door to get back in
I've gone to the same barber in Chapel Hill for the past 3 years and we always just talk about UNC stuff (basketball, how much we suck, how much we won't suck next season, etc.).
I always talk to my hairdresser, I've known her for ages and she was friends with my Dad when they were in High School.
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I've been getting my haircut at the same place for more than a year.

It always:
Barber "Hey how you doing?" (In Spanish)
Me "Good good"

Then he asks me how I want my hair cut and it's silence until he's done. Then I pay him and say "Have a nice day."

When I see him talking with the other customers, they usually talk about boxing and how Cuba sucks. None of those interest me.
at the hairdressers, you could have more of a conversation with a small plank of wood than you would with me.

im awful a conversations in general aswell.
Fuck it.
Well, I've been getting my hair cut at the same place for more than 10 years, so it's not that bad.
But TBH, it's been a long time since I've actually initiated a conversation with someone I don't already know.
I hate talking to my hairdresser. Just makes me feel like an idiot, especially when the hairdresser is a few years older than me, and a hot girl.
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I'm not great at starting any kind of conversation, so I tend to sit there in silence, though the last few times i've been to the hairdressers my Mum has decided to get her hair cut on the same day, so I generally find it incredibly awkward to say anything to the woman cutting my hair, especially because last time she was ridiculously attractive and kept leaning over me, so I had no idea where to look, I was in a room full of mirrors and figured one drop of the eye at a bad moment would be seen throughout the room.
They'll ask me a few questions to try and start a conversation but I quickly let them know I just want my hair cut so I can leave with my one word answers.
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Well i went to one a couple of times, this place called murdocks, its quite small but they gave some of the best haircuts i have had in a while, and the barbers are friendly and talkative, it usually seems quite forced and i don't really like it, but there wasn't any problems there. Unfortunately its not very cheap, so last time i went for a haircut i didn't want to spend too much so i went to the one in my uni town, and they gave a good cut, but the conversation was incredibly forced, it was just like, a question and then one word answer.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
Not been to the hairdressers since I was about 6. My auntie used to be one so I get free hair cuts fo' lyf. Or at least until she dies.
Holidays, football, how's business going, excetera. The last conversation I had with the Barber ended in him almost forcing me at gun point to see Avatar at a cinema 30 miles away. I've had to pretend I've seen it when I see him in the street
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Icebreaker for hairdressers:

[midway through cut] "Ummm... Well I suppose it's just hair. It'll grow back..."
...In my opinion.
It is tough. Usually we discuss her New Zealand accent and her tattoos, especially the ones that go down the front of her shirt.
I can keep up a conversation if the barber or whoever starts it. The woman who last cut my hair has a musical family - a son in music college, a husband who DJs - and she told me a story of how her husband was DJing in a club in Birmingham 10 or so years ago, and Stevie Wonder came in with his roadcrew for an aftershow chill-out. He signed the only Wonder record the DJ guy had, and they've been looking for it recently as it's now worth about £10,000 because apparently he's since stopped giving autographs.

But apart from answering questions about what I'm doing at university etc, I don't really talk to them.
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Nah it's difficult man, I just can't cut it.

Normally I am comfortable in social situations, but at the hairdressers I am overcome with shear terror.
...In my opinion.
definitely more awkward than asking a girl out.
it's probably the most awkward 20-30 mins I ever spend
I let you get away so cleanly.
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definitely more awkward than asking a girl out.
it's probably the most awkward 20-30 mins I ever spend

Ask her out and kill two birds with one stone.

Except all hairdressers are lesbians. No exceptions. Those who have sex with men are going through a rough patch.
...In my opinion.
Depends on the person cutting the hair honestly. I'm not the most sociable person, but if they start a conversation, it's usually pretty easy for me to keep it going
TS, the world is filled with Socially Awkward Penguins. Just blag it. You can say anything to anyone and as long as you look natural they'll banter back.

I can hold a conversation with anyone about anything, it's my gift

And the result of 3 years in sales >_>
I can't talk to hairdressers. They annoy me. I paid to get my hair cut, not listen to your idiotic babble.

I know one person who was looking at doing Hair + Beauty at college. They had an ENTIRE TERM on learning how to make small talk.
I know everyone woman I've ever met at the hairdresser place seems to have no problem talking.

Usually if the lady cutting my hair tries to talk to me, I growl loudly. Then the attempted conversation is awkward for both of us instead of just me.

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I know one person who was looking at doing Hair + Beauty at college. They had an ENTIRE TERM on learning how to make small talk.

Must be a difficult degree to get . That's like one of my friends went to college for Elementary Education (Childhood development education) and they had a whole class on coloring/building things with popsicle sticks.
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