Awesome cover my friend... Very well played. At first I didn't like Sons of Liberty at all, later on I loved it! I also liked your picking at that repeated riff, very smooth and agile...

But the volume of the song was way too high. On occasions I wasn't sure if I was listening to your guitar or the song...

On an unrelated note, I think you hold the pick weirdly

All hail Jon \m/
How to Program a Metalhead ?
Mm..Something strange happens 'cause I used to get the guitar volume higher than the mp3 but I think the reason is in my photocamera microphone maybe. BTW - what is the weirdness with how I hold the pic?
Naaaah, it's kinda hard to explain. Don't pay attention Everyone has their ways. \m/
How to Program a Metalhead ?
that's a cool guitar! love it. The song is killer too. never heard these guys and can hear some slayer progressions. very cool tune. your playing is great. nothing to complain about. the sound from the cam needs improving and you should get into recording the sound on your computer and syncing the video to the recording and you'll have a killer vid ma.

great job!
thanks! will look for them