So the arm socket on my ZR has snapped yet again, im sick of buying new ones so my question is, can i use the socket and arm off a different guitar ? , I was thinking about ordering the socket from one of the prestige models for the better quality metal. And if not can somebody point me to where i can order a custom made one, ive seen vids of one on youtube and there talked about on the ibanez forum , just havent found anywhere to get one made
if they`re talked about on the ibby forum your better off asking there (there`s more meme`s over there than what there is on here, hence i no longer visit it. but if they`re doing it then your answer lies there, i`ve not checked the parts site but the edge zero is a high end version of the zr maybe the parts are interchangeable.
I think,you can install the schaller arm holder on any ibanez trem,one thing I'm sure about is that you can do it on the edge pro,I you'll be able to do that to ZR without a problem
Id ask on the Ibanez forum but im far too lazy to make an account and i love this forum more, I kinda need someone to give me a definitive answer, thanks for the help like but i cant be blowing 20 quid on a piece of kit that wont fit in properly :/
Any idea where i can buy one in the UK ? , schallers website wasnt particuarly helpful