So I'm wanting to get my POD X3 Bean connected to my 5150. The 5150 has FX Send/Return as well as a Preamp Out. POD just has left/right output, and guitar input. I also want to work my Boss NS2, TU2, GE7, and CS3 into the mix.

Currently I'm running without the POD, and running like this:

Guitar --> Tuner --> Comp --> Gate Input

Gate Send --> Front of Amp

Gate Output --> FX Send

FX Return --> EQ Pedal --> Gate Return

Where's the best place to put the POD, if I only really wanna use the POD for modulations, delays, reverbs, and not amp/cab modelling?
If you're only going to use the pod for modulations, delays & reverbs then you want to put it in the effects loop.
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