Firstly, the mixing is great! Everything sits nicely in the mix, and all the instruments have their own place. Did you do all of this yourself, or use a backing track?

The guitars are layered very nicely, and the rich tone is perfect for the track. I love it when the harmonies come in, you can hardly hear the backing harmonies but they are just loud enough to make a difference!
Truly epic key change - I know you didn't write it, but the way you handled it makes it really cool! Plus the guitar solo I can't fault at all, great playing - very fluent.

Maybe you should have a go at vox? I haven't heard this song before, so I don't know if there are vocals... but if there are... go for it!

Well done! 10/10, keep it up!

Please could you comment on these? Thanks
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I'll check out your stuff as soon as Im home.
As for the backing track, I used Metal Foundry for drums. Otherwise, everything else was done by me and a friend (we split the tracks).

As for Vox, I have the proper gear, just too embarassed to sing