I feel lame posting another song when i just posted one recently, but it's another one of my favorites I've written, so of course I'd love critiques. The music and rythym of the lyrics changes up alot, so... yeah. Here it is.

Lord Knows, I know, That I am not made of steel
and the more I think about it, old emptiness does not seem real
Raining as I cry, these storm clouds wash the fields
But I don't want to feel, these raindrops made of steel

Playing guitar in this rain,
Writing songs doesn't ease the pain
There's still this fear

Some don't mind, to each their own
I'm not strong enough to let it go
Signatures, signed with tears

Recollections that'll never go
Not always the best at making it show
So I'll just
Write it down

Holding on for my dear life
This happy road's nearly to rife
With endings
For me to handle

Sometimes I'll just sit around, laugh and say that we're all freaks
It's almost hard to be sad, when your goodbyes are so sweet
I remember how I felt, on those lonely days, all before you
Now, like novocaine, I don't feel the pain
Grey eyes are turning Shades Of Blue

Having fun, Cutting loose,
Some would say what's the use when
you are
going away

I say screw that, no way
That's right I'm here to stay
I just thought I'd tell you
That these were the days

Memories forever old
Cannot compare to ones so bold
As these, memories,
The ones spent with you

This chapter's closing, it's done,
But I pray that there's more to come
Anyway, I know
That it must be so

Photographs on Charlie's farm
Seeing something's up, like a silent alarm
Past ultimatums up in flames,
But in the end it's all okay
Desperate confusion, late night talks,
Combing through life in late night walks,
Laying down in starry streets, and
Heart pumping to Hysteria's drum beat
Blasting music 'till the night
Cheering you up when you don't feel right
Writing songs on broken trees
All blown away in life's gentle breeze

These are the memories that I hold dear (These four lines go twice...)
These are the flashbacks that'll always reappear
Sometimes this happy act, feels like it's a ruse, 'cus
These are all of the things I cannot stand to lose

So I think over
The Part of me that's you
Without it what's to keep
Away sadder Shades Of Blue
Thusly when I think
Of forgetting you
My mind goes blank
Except for Shades Of Blue