I've been a primarily acoustic guitarist for a while, but I've finally got a band together and I need to update my gear to fit our sound better. We're playing Maps and Atlases, Minus the Bear kinda stuff.

I have acoustic pickups on my guitars that go into a clean amp, so I'm looking for a distortion pedal that could keep my sound relatively clean when I'm fingerpicking or playing lightly, but would get dirtier when I strum harder. I'm not looking for a really hard distortion, just something you wouldn't call clean and would sit in the mix better.

I haven't really experimented with pedals before, so this may have a really simple answer or I may be looking in the wrong direction entirely and need a new amp or pickups or something. I'm fine with saving up my money for this so budget shouldn't be an issue hopefully.
You're not looking for any kind of distortion pedal.

You're looking for a valve amp
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