So, I recently got hold of a left handed Charvel 475 Deluxe. It's from 1990 and is regarded as one of the greatest of the Charvel guitars made in Japan from that era. Having tinkered around with it, I can understand why. This is a great guitar.

First, the tone of this guitar is amazing. I am a big fan of the tone of Lynch, Criss Olvia, Warren DeMartini, Jake E. Lee. All big players who use a lot of legato and have a vaguely similar "crunch" going on. All are Charvel players. The Charvel 475 emphasises mid-range. It has an active mid-boost (battery in back), which is very hand for extra bite on solos. Through distortion, the Charvel has a lot of meat to it without flattening out tone, as I've found newer type guitars tend to do, especially those with EMGs loaded. This is not a guitar for brutality. Nor is it a guitar for lots of chugging. But for old school metal - i.e., True Heavy Metal - this is the tool for the job.

The feel of this guitar is amazing. Everyone knows about the Charvel necks. Well, this is my first, and it lives up to its reputation. Everything about this guitar, from the Schaller Floyd Rose to the inlays, is pure joy. Also - for a 20 year guitar, I got lucky. The finish of this bad boy is as good as new. Literally no dents. The finish is far deeper and more vibrant than my camera can do justice to - it is a deepish red rather than the clearer red seen in the photos. Recommended.

Great looking guitar. Looks brand new, never played. Kind of reminds me of my old Jackson Stealth except mine shows it's age. Hope you get tons of use out of that.
those were made in the fuji-gen plant right?
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
£300, which is good for me. This seems general price for Charvels of this era, but all the others I'd seen were dented or modded.

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Nice score man how much did it set you back?
I believe so, yes. Same place as the Fender Japan line.

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those were made in the fuji-gen plant right?
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I believe so, yes. Same place as the Fender Japan line.

and a bunch more, high end ibanez, esp, yamaha, gretch.

really great stuff, especially back then.

i've had a few guitars from that plant, all have been very high quality especially in light of what i paid.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
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£300, which is good for me. This seems general price for Charvels of this era, but all the others I'd seen were dented or modded.

Niceee. Thats a decent price. I managed to pickup a kramer focus 6000 (with original floyd rose and ESP MADE) in really good condition for £250 unfortunately i'm going to have to sell it although it played great my fretting hand didnt get on with it and i developed strains :l. I really liked it as well haha. Pains me to get rid of cool 80s guitars. Just soo cool.
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Thanks dude. Agreed about chick magnets, tho this guitar is more "Ferrari Red." The light and camera tends to saturate the colour, producing a pinkish effect.

Kramer is next on my list.

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Now that is a sweet guitar the old Jackson/Charvel's were the best unlike the Fender/Charvel's yuk. Great score man Seems to be the right price way cheaper than a new Charvel but way Better. Love the Color to I am going to buy a purple Kramer soon. Real men can wield Pink & Purple guitars and they are chick magnets to

Happy NGD for sure.
A pink charvel? now that is hair metal at it's finest and i for one am quite jealous. You better christen it with some ratt some dokken and some motley crue
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Don't like the shape or finish, but I'm sure it's a brilliant guitar.
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u should send it to los angeles, i can get it set up and the fender/charvel custom shop for u (not necessarily true) and i might just have to play it forever, and not give it back

Nice guitar! A lot of those Japanese Charvels played really nice. Necks are a bit thin for me, but that's personal preference.
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I don't know how to break it to you, but they built it the wrong way round...

Pfffft japanese quality control!


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