ok... so I know there are mahogany, alder, basswood, swamp ash, poplar, etc.

however, it is also true that if a spec says that a guitar is made of "mahogany," it's still being pretty ambiguous because there are many kinds of mahogany. some are very good tonewood (as I heard Honduras mahogany is), while some are kinda cheap species or mahogany relatives

same with alder, basswood, etc... some really cheap beginners guitars are made from basswood, while some ridiculously good or high end guitar like EVH Wolfgang or many Music Man guitars are also basswood (of better species, I presume?)

so where can I find some info on what wood is good and what wood is just a cheap alternative??
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and yes,ibanez prestiges,musicman's,EVH wolfgangs,PGMs,JEMS,JS's all use very high quality basswood..