has anyone ever heard of 3 split p bass passive pickups in a bass?

im thinking of taking my crappy affinity squire and putting in 2 more split p bass pups
one near the neck and one near the bridge. the one near the bridge would be inverted as well.

before i take on this massive project, i wanted to ask if anyone thinks this will sound good and or be worth doing in the first place. Im trying to use what i have on hand already.

i have 3 pups from crappy non affinity basses and i want to try to use those first. If it sounds like poo when i am done, i am hopeful i can upgrade to active pups if needed.

i play METAL and i want something suited for METAL

any help would be great.
B.C. Rich made a handful of three split pick up Mocking birds a while ago. I think Traben even made some that had three. It can be done but I don't know what kind of sound you'll get.
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thanks for the reply. id love to know if anyone does know how these sound. im pretty sure im gonna do this but i wanted to ask the pros before i jump in. Thanks again for the response.