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Well, funny that you should ask:

Just put this up yesterday. Hope it helps.

I do the same excercises I learned from John Petrucci with variations.
Needless to say, I have very small hands but can stretch rather well.
the thing is, with short fingers, I usually adapt to it, tapping is one example to reach faraway notes.
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Hey. I'm trying to learn the solo for "Invincable" by muse.


It's not really that technally divacult of a solo, but my hands are too small to get some of the big stretches. + my pinky is SUPER weak.

Help + Tips please!

*discuse my spelling

just do some stretches on the fret board over and over and over and over etc etc till it gets to be second nature. To increase pinky strength try doing this

E| 1--3--5-----1--4--5----1--3--5-

Make sure you use your pinky to hit the 5's. Do this on every string over and over, this may also help with stretching depending on how small your hands really are