Hello everyone, my first post here.

I have a guitar with 2 P90's, and I tried to put a minihumbucker in the bridge using the LP Deluxe kind of mounting, and I realized that the mount ring would not fit into the pickup route, i put the mount ring next to the cover of my P90 pickup and realized that the edges of the mounting ring are more square than the pickup cover. Are there 2 different footprints for p90's? (I'm not talking about the dogear vs soapbar, I'm talking only about the soapbar) one with more square edges, and one more round? If so, then which one is the Dimarzio humbuckers in p90's shell? I'm thinking about getting a pair of them, but now I am not sure now if they will fit.

This may help you out.

EDIT: I didn't thoroughly read through your question, and I don't think there are 2 different sizes, but maybe if you could either file down the edges of the mounting ring or take a little off the edges of the pickup route.


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Well, apparently there are 2 different sizes, I bought pickup covers today, and they didn't fit. The difference is almost not noticable visually, but it is there. Now, apparently I am the only one who has ever had this problem...weird. Btw, the pickups in the guitar are Seymour Duncan's.

Actually nevermind, they do fit, the pole spacing was off and I didn't notice that in the first place, the do fit in the cavities though. I guess the pickup ring that i was installing before was just crappy.
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