Ive been having a lot of trouble playing the house is rockin by srv because of a bar chord thing. so any way it looks like this d[---------------8--8--------8]
e[-8--8---8--8-8--8---8---8] the problem im having is i cant get the d string to sound im holding it like a barre chord what do i do to make it sound
use your index for the 8 on the E and use your middle for the 8 on the D then alternate between your middle for the 10 and pinky on the 12 it might be a little uncomfortable at first but it'll help in the long run
It's probably just a C7 chord at the 8th fret with the 6th added in in a shuffle rhythm. I've never actually played that song, but this is a standard blues idiom. The chord would be fingered:


Your index finger barres at the 8th fret. Your middle finger gets the E, your ring finger gets the G, and your pinky gets the hammer-on to the A.. In this case you won't necessarily be playing all the notes, but that's that chord form that's being used.
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