hi forum people,ok i got a ? and i need a little help i got a 1990 cort guitar that was giving to me it need new volume and tone pots i know guitar wokred at one timei had it working with the old pots but i bought some new pots put them in like i thought how they go but i did something wrong i cant find any diagrams that look like the guitar the 5 way switch is a 7 prong when i look it up on the net all i see is 8 prong switch i know prob. got like one or two wires in the wrong spot but i tryed everything so i decide to find a forum for help[ im new to wiring guitars and i rather do my self to learn i can show a pictureof what i gt going on if any ones what there doing if u could help this poor man out it would be great ...
try the building and customising forum there's a wiring thread in there somwhere
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Wiring thread.
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Wiring thread.

oh ok im new to the forum i didnt know where to post sorry