the story behind your favorite piece of guitar related gear/accessory

my blue strap: i got it in my senior year along with my first bass, i saved up a years worth of lunch money to buy it, (yamaha rbx 170, i played bass in high school but i play guitar now) when i told this to the clerk at guitar center, he was touched by the story and he threw in the blue strap and a pack of heavy picks for free. ive used this blue strap for every gig i've ever played even now. senior year was 6 years ago.
yeah thats pretty awesome. i dont really have any sentimental value for things other than my guitar. i like my me-70, cause its loaded with effects
Well, The story of my Schecter was that, My dad took his Strat back (Which I had borrowed), and then we looked on this website for a guitar for me, and then I saw the guitar I wanted. We ordered it, and I had to wait a loooooong times for it to come, but when it did, I was the happiest parson, ever. I had never ever tried a Schecter before, I just felt that it was the right guitar when I saw it. It was lucky too, it wasn't that cheap (well, cheaper than a lot of things).
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My Schecter is basically my baby, I've done everything in my power to keep it looking as good as it did the first day I got it. That's why I usually only trust myself to set it up and I do a damn good job!

Occasionally when I don't know what to do, I take it to a tach and ask them to show me how to do it (My excuse for keeping a watchful eye and gaining knowledge so I can do it myself next time. Haha.

Actually when I first got it, there's a story to that. I ordered it from gearhounds in April of 2009, it was set to arrive on the 12th of Apr. But it actually took forever, had a lot of delays and I eventually got it on Sept 28th.

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*sop story8 i was in love with some girl a while back and we were friends but i wanted it to be more but i don't think she did (her 'level' was much higher than mine) but anyway yeh she was over from new zealand for a year visiting family and she was lovely and anyway i got my ibanez the day before she left to go back to new zealand so named it 'polly' after part of her email address (you know the way girls are, their email address's never have anything to do with their name) so yeh as not to make it too obvious i named it after her i named it after part of her email address which i think is actually quite clever xD
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my ibanez ael
its taken a beating from playing its sounds beter than ever ive taken as good care as possible made nut and saddle out of bone to work for me especially redid the electronics set it up my self its my baby
ad the best part ive changed and set it up so perfectly for me that most everyone likes to hear it but hate to play it
i was 10, i went in to guitar center to buy a bass because i needed an upgrade from my crap squier, i went to the bass section and saw this amazing ibanez GSR200 (which even though it's an entry level bass i play it as much as my G&L) i took it down and plugged into an ampeg half stack which is the closest thing to my hartke, i started playing some queen and eagles and brought up deans to the guy, he said deans were crap with strings. i got the ibanez and my life has been 120% happier since then, even with my carvins and G&L.
the ibanez doesnt get played as much as the carvins, and not as much as my G&L but i play it when i need a light bass
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I was at a train station moping about a sweet Martin D-15s that i played at the guitar shop, my dad said that if i could guess the exact time to the second he would by it for me(he didn't expect me to guess right.)
I did guess right but didn't really expect my dad to get me it, but the next day he did.

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