So here's the problem. I just learned yesterday that I have to play a jazz gig on friday as a substitute guitarist. Thing is, I'm not very good at jazz theory. Im definately going to have to do quite a bit of soloing as its just a trio. Can anyone help me figure out what scale to use in the bridge of "Take Five?"

Here are the chords:
Cbmaj7 Abm6 Bbm7 Ebm7 Abm7 Db7 Gbmaj7
Cbmaj7 Abm6 Bbm7 Ebm7 Abm7 Db7 Fmin7 Bb7

For the A section i just use the eb blues scale, but can someone who's good at jazz theory tell me what scale to use in soloing over this progression?
I personally just either solo according to the melody or modulate over the chords themselves. its a pretty chromatic bridge, so you have leeway.
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If you're playing it in the original Key, and the same version, there's no solo over the bridge chords, only over the static Ebm7 vamp. On guitar you'd play Eb Dorian.

We're playing the fake book make it up on the spot version. So I wanted to know just in case.
It's pretty simple, especially with those chords. Generally, in jazz, you'd use a dorian scale over 'm7' chords and a mixolydian scale over dominant 7th chords. Maj7 chords you'd usually use major. So if you have a Db7 chord, play Db mixolydian. If you have an Abm7 chord, play Ab dorian, etc. etc. Emphasize chord tones as well.