Hey guys, I've been having a problem trying to find out what it is I want to play. I love listening to everything like Hendrix, Megadeth, In Flames, The Fall of Troy, but I don't really know how to combine all of my influences, or really know what I want to play like. I WANT to be like Thomas Erak from TFoT but I'm not sure how to go about doing so, so help me?

hootEDIT: Just to clarify, I've been playing for years, know a lot of theory, and basically understand what I'm doing. This ain't my first rodeo lol
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Well theres someone here on UG and his sig is something like this
"People are f*cking stupid because they get stuck on the example. It takes a million examples to articulate the idea so don't get stuck on the example"
meaning: It takes all bunch of influences combined to form your style. BTW megadeth<metallica
Don't try to be like ANYone. try to be like you. Channel your thoughts feelings and perspective through your playing. All you must do is learn all the music that speaks to you and eventually you'll form a melting pot of all your specific influences and voila! You'll have your own little blend of hootie37 music.

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Gotta catch them all. As in the great things your influences did/do.

It seems that those influences come from mostly metal. Why don't you palm mute and play some powerchords? Sounds cool eh?

Learning Black Sabbath songs FTW!
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Well, the best thing what you can do in order to discover your style, is... writing and recording music.
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