I just got it, and i dont know what to get. What are some essential things you cant live without that are in my budget? (besides tuners, strings, straps, picks.)
Parker Fly
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Line 6 AX2 212 100 watt
Line 6 Spider 2 75 watt
Ovation Celebrity Deluxe
Wrong thread oh noes

Save it for towards something cool, like a nice pedal or that amplification you have been looking at
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I got one too. But there's always a catch (with a purchase of $349 or more)

Buy an ESP Ltd Deluxe EC-1000 VB starting at $299 here!
a metronome would be useful, or like a maintenence kit

although, i woudn't say they are completely necessary just helpful
What's your budget?

Since there's loads of inexpensive items being suggested, I'd recommend a Metronome, Vox Amplug, and maybe a cleaning device of sorts.