OK so I have a few questions for you gear heads.

My 5150 has eddie van halen in writing near the standby switch, almost every 5150 I see on the net says EVH in capitals, the sticker on the back says 2003 I am just curious if anyone knows anything about it.. Kind of an open ended question but I am just wondering if its old, new(er) or what, thanks in advance.

I bought a Mesa Boogie road king 4x12 off craigslist for 550$ and it sounds great, however it is an odd setup, it has 2 types of speakers. In mono both sides work and in stereo only 1 side at a time works, and it has 2 stereo inputs, one for each speakers side.
here is the cab http://www.mesaboogie.com/Product_Info/Guitar%20Cabinets/RoadKingCABS/RK-4x12SDsl-LG.htm

My question is could I use 2 speakers cables out of my 5150 into the cab to utilize both sides or will that blow it up, my friend says it will so I am asking you fine people instead of taking his word cuz he is kinda dumb and I assume he believes this because he knows nothing about ohms and obviously you have to change from 4 ohms mono to 8 ohms stereo but yeah.. haha

I guess that is it.

Thanks again

1.) Your 5150 is known as the "signature" model. The other is known as the "block letter" model. Both are the same amp, just different release dates.

2.) In mono mode, both pairs of speakers should all be working. No need for two cables.
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Yeah in mono it runs fine, was just curious if stereo was a good idea or what, kinda my first amp and my buddy who again, is a bit of a moron says "You should never be running in mono"

So he made me question my setup, so I guess my next question is what do most people run, stereo, or mono, and is my 5150 capable of stereo operation..?
One head, Mono.
Two heads, Stereo.

That's just me.
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Most people in the world run in mono.
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I think you need two heads for stereo, or a head that is steroe(Diezel VH4S).

That cab was designed to work with the Road Kings 2 speaker switching.
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Yeah I realized that after I bought it, the ad said it had 4 of the same speakers, but either way for 550$ that was a good buy, and it murders the piece of shite behringer 412h 4x12 i had.

thanks for the advice