Hey guys...I need help...i know there is already a relationship thread, but i might get better awnsers just starting a new one...please be helpful...So I was in a great relationship, we loved each other, we went out, but there was always something...she would always tell me she wasnt quite over her last guy, and she felt bad about it. Then we would go back to normal, and a few weeks later, it would happen again. Yesterday, when she was with some friends, the other guy showed up...and kissed her, and she kissed back. she just told me, and told me i had many chances (which i did) to do the same thing. Im having a really hard time with this, she said she wants someone more outgoing and spontaneous...so i assume i dont fit the bill...i have loved her since i first saw her...2 years ago...i know people have worse problems, but please help me guys...this is really hard for me to get over...i have alot of my time invested in her...
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