I'll admit it. I whack the hell out of my strings. Lately I've been using elixir 10s and they keep breaking on me. Are there strings that can more easily stand up to the abuse I put mine through?
Just try a different brand. I prefer d'addarios personally but different peoples fingers release different chemicals that some strings will react better to than others. Its really a try it and see thing with strings.
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I have never ever broken an Ernie Ball string through playing. Also, if you don't want to break any strings, or less often at least, then go for something thicker, like .11s or even .12s, even though playing in E will be a bit of a hassle
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Maybe try a thicker gauge.

What I'm thinking
DR Dimbag High Voltage or GHS Boomers. Both 10-52. They are indestructable, and i spend most of my time pummeling the low e string.
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Should I try .11s if I spend 99% of my time in E standard?

Ernie Ball super slinky 10's are perfect for me and they take a hell of a beating.

But then i do have a carbon saddle etc etc - it may be different for you.
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