Apart from the price difference, what is the advantage of having the fast track pro over an MKII?

The new fast track MKII has phantom power if I'm correct and has 2 inputs (or can't these be used at the same time?)

Basically, is it worth the £40 jump to get a pro? Or would I be better off getting an MKII and putting the extra money towards a better microphone?
would you be recording two things at once? such as playing and singing, or just two mics on an amp or acoustic

If so go with the fast track pro, I just bought it about a month ago and its great, only got 1 mic for now but i plan on getting another one soon.
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I'm wanting to make demos for my band (2 piece drums guitar and vocals). I'd use cubase or audacity or pro tools and record the drums with a click track using 1 dynamic mic on the bass drum and one condenser as an overhead. i'd DI the guitar and record the vocals with my SM58 or condenser (whichever sounds better).
then get the pro. you will need 2 inputs for your 2 mics. the mkII has only 1 mic input, so tracking your drums would be kinda lame. heck, its still going to be a bit lame with 2 mics, but at least it will be better. the smaller interface is great as something portable or for laying down tracks by yourself, but it doesnt have the input capability for recording anything more than 1 person in mono. pro has phantom power as well, so that shouldnt be a game changer.
Are there any equivalent models I can look at? I know there's the fast track ultra - but what about other manufacturers like tascam etc. Any models I should look at with around 4 to 8 inputs? So that I can get a decent drum track recording.