I got an american jazz bass, and it buzzes on the open and first few frets, i think that means it needs a truss rod adjustment? Is it worth learning for someone who has never really modded instrument (but i do have the tool), or should i take the opportunity to get a set up? if set up, how much do they generally cost and should i take it to guitar center or independent music store etc?
It's pretty risky to adjust the truss rod yourself, so definitvely let it be done by someone who knows hwo to do it. But maybe your action could just be tow low, check the neck hold the bas horizontally and look at the neck, if it seems twisted or something take it to an expert.
Sounds like the nut could be a little low.

To check the neck bow, fret the E string at the first and last fret, and look at the gap at the fret Fender specify (can't remember which it is - might be 12?)
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well how much is a set up cost? i mean ive heard that youre supposed to get one with all new instrument so i might just take the opportunity lol
I'm a semi professional musician and I have never gotten anyone else to set up any of my instruments. Research on the net, as long as you stay away from the truss rod you can't do any damage.

If you don't feel confident doing it yourself at least stay and watch when you're paying someone to do it. That way you'll get a better knowledge of your instrument.
just raise the action alittle
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