I was playing on my Bugera today when it suddenly got a little quiet, hissed and cracled a little and then all lights turned off.

It just endured some outdoor playing and a little trip in the back of a van though it has done that previously without problems.

I read Beer Churches tutorials about Bugera 333XL and i've screwed it open, but at first look everything seems to be fine. No burnt wires, no other visual damage. It must be said that I'm a total novice when it comes to fixing anything electrical so i think im gonna need good guidance. Or atleast suggest what might be wrong so i could google it myself, it's kinda hard when you really don't know what you are searching for.

And how do I make sure that's the problem? Shouldn't the tube.. like.. look different and shouldn't the lights still be able to turn on?
well, don't touch anything on the inside of the amp.

a power tube can blow and it is possible you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at. If the glass is clear and there is no visible discoloration you try firing it back up and visually inspect the power tubes for their normal orange glow. Are you saying the amp does not power up at all? If that is the case then you have 1 or more fuses that may need to be checked. You can also check the preamp tubes. Try moving one to a different spot, if the amp does power on.

good chance you will need to take it to a tech

and before all bugera hate bandwagoners jump in here - this could happen to any amp - especially one that uses cheaper tubes.
It could happen to any amp, but it happens twice as often to Bugeras. Just saying.

They're not that well built. I don't understand how it's ok to say Gibson QC is spotty but calling Bugeras poorly made is bandwagoning. Both are true, but people get defensive about the Bugera stuff because it's more fun to criticize the legacy brand.

Anyway, check the fuses first. If it's not a fuse it needs a trip to a tech.
Wow, like 48393792374927592 posts and one with real help. Way to go UG!

One of your tubes went, try ordering a set or taking it to a shop and have them looked at.
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Quote by Gundamnitpete
One of your tubes went, try ordering a set or taking it to a shop and have them looked at.

The tubes are not the problem here - a blown tube will not prevent the pilot light from coming on unless it's taken something else out with it. A new set of tubes will not solve the problem.