Hey, I'm Zack from Sworn Red. The Band is a one piece from Kent, In the south east of England, though i have a backing band to play with live. I'm currently recording all my stuff to begin gigging and such like soon, and I'd really love some feedback aswell if any of you want to give some. There's a link in my sig, and I just put up a new song
Hey man, this is some great stuff! Everything is mixed and recorded very well! What sort of gear did you use? I'm still l istening as a write this, and i'm definitely liking it. Especially 'The Rain', great song! And I definitely hear a lot of Counting Crows influence, but you're not a clone which is good. Guitar stuff seems to be mostly pretty standard, I'd like to see it get a bit more creative. In 'Goodbye', the drums are clearly programmed, but programmed very very well. Is it all just you? Did you do the programming and mixing as well?
Oh, and I like the name! I don't know if it has any special meaning to you, but i like how it seems abstract. It could mean a lot of different things.
To be honest, I would buy some of these song on iTunes. I'd buy an album from you! Pretty often the kind of bands that put stuff up here on UG suck pretty bad. So this is certainly a pleasent surprise!
Please dude, keep doing what you're doing!
Oh and I don't think i mentioned that you have a great voice! It's simple, you don't over-do anything. And i love that. You seem so chill i could listen to you all day!