Hello UG.
I'm am familiar with the technique to bend my strings upwards, against the top of the neck. I've practiced using my wrist instead of the muscles in my fingers, which is (from what i've found out) the correct technique.
But it may occour that i have to do a bend on one of the top strings (E,A). Trying to bend the strings upwards will cause the strings go flip over the top of the neck, which sounds terrible. So what is the correct technique for downwards bending, the only way i can do it is using my finger-muscles.
So what is the correct way to bend the topstrings downwards?

Thanks in advance
well thats how i do it, i just pull them with my fingers. i think thats the only technique, and bending up you use your wrist so your fingers don't roll and then you lose the string. (i think)
Kind of arch your fingers and pull it downwards using 2 or 3 fingers is what I think I do without checking on a guitar
Don't worry about the wrist vs. fingers so much. You will be pulling top strings down and pushing bottom strings up when bending. Middle strings you have a choice - it will usually be obvious depending on what else you're playing.

In general you want to bend with your middle or ring finger, and have at least one other finger also on the string to give you some support. Index and pinky finger bends are harder and in general should be avoided until you get a little better.

When starting to bend, it's good to practice bending in tune. Play the note you're going to bend into, and then bend into it and match the pitch. This trains your ears and fingers to bend in tune.
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Generally, you bend the first three strings (e, b, & g) upwards, and the last three strings (E, A, D) downwards.

It's all personal preference. Although I use my wrist when bending upwards as well.
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Use finger muscles for bending the opposite direction, it's much less awkward and allows you to get back into playing quicker.
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Playing bends in tune, as evenbigger said, is VERY important. Try to be conscious about that once you get the technique down. Make sure to have some fun with vibrato when you get bored and experiment with things like double stop bends and really slow bends and sliding during a bend and just general advanced techniques, so you develop a good repertoire of abilities. These lower strings may not even be AS important, since you'll tend to do a lot more bending on the higher notes, like during solos, but just be in the know about how you can use bending on lower strings, so it doesn't just feel like a useless ability.