I've been able to pull off squeelies for awhile now but I have NEVER been able to make them sound anywhere near the pro's do it. Mine just don't have that really sound, they just have the high pitch tone and kind of die off. I have tried everywhere on the strings, but is there some secret to get really nice ones like what Adam D or any other metal guitarist does?
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turn your gain and treble up, should make it easier. once you get better turn it back down to whatever you like to keep it at and the squealies going. with your emgs they should be pretty easy.
exactly just practice. Don't think about it, I used to not be able to do it, only on accident now I can do them on any string anywhere at any tempo. you just gotta feel it. jam with your self and just let them come out. when you're about to do it strum harder on that particular note and let the edge of your thumb hit it lightly it has to be right after like miliseconds apart then most people will just add a little vibrato. keep practicing and don't give up.
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Practice and/or distortion up.
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i find that it makes a better sound when i barely (barely) hit the string with the side of my thumb. I used to do it with the tip of my thumb and that caused me to hold the pick wrong. Hold the pick normally, and when you pick the note try to move you pick back up toward you but out too. Sort of like making a half circle shape, that way you pick the note and hit it with your thumb.
also, after you do get a pinch harmonic going, try to bend the note. That makes its sound much cooler.
Like many people of said..distortion up and then when you feel you can do them easy turn it down
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