Looking back at when I got my Epi LP, I'd want to shoot myself. I basically walked in the shop, looking for any electric guitar around $500, then saw this amazing-looking Epi LP standard plus top.. so I asked to try it out. (I've been playing for like.. a month) Then I basically just bullshitted myself how tone was awesome and such, and I bought it. Whole process took about 5 mins.
Now that I see it, it's actually pretty funny. Good thing I got lucky and didn't choose some other shit guitar.. I love my LP.

So share some of your past on how stupidly you bought your guitar, or any equipment for that matter. Excludes starter guitar/amp of course..
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My Peavey was my first guitar, but it was a present and I hadn't played it prior to it being purchased.

My Explorer was the first guitar that I bought myself... I went into the store, saw it, played it, loved it, bought it.
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My MIM Strat was the first that I bought, but it's more of a project guitar. My Gretsch, though... Damn. Sat down and played it today for the first time in a few weeks (been busy trying to get the Strat going), and had the same thought when I hit that first E chord as I did when I first played it in GC. Just... Damn
My first worthy guitar as you put it was a Epi Les Paul Custom in Alpine White. I love the guitar and still have it but what pissed me off was that 5 months after i bought it the pickups went out on me. I then had EMG's put in and i have been really happy with it ever since. First real amp i bought that i sold a year later and replaced was a Marshall MG100HDFX. It was a good amp i just wanted a halfstack to look cool but as i got better and learned more about tone i really wasn't happy with the amp. I then sold it and saved up money and bought a Peavey Valveking halfstack. So much better than the Marshall. I know soon that i am going to have to buy a Mesa Dual Rec and a Peavey 6505+ head to get the tone i am looking for. Those are my gear stories.

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I guess I would count my first "Real" guitar as my current strat because its the first I've gotten since I started playing guitar again. I got lucky, I saw it online knew I wanted it and ordered it. Could have ended really bad, and admittedly the neck on the frankentele is more comfy then the one on the strat, but she's still a wonderful guitar and I don't regret it at all.
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My first worthy guitar was also an Epi Les Paul Standard. In my case, I'd been browsing a website, and the guitar seemed to be what I was after, so I went and gave it a shot. I liked it, but admittedly, I didn't try anything else. I shopped around for a while to find the best priced store, then got the original store to match that price, but with the colour I wanted (blue!).

So yes, maybe I should of shopped around more for different guitars, but then again, I can't think of anything else I'd want for that price at that time. I'm getting a Danelectro next, but I wasn't shopping for a guitar, it sort of just instantly hooked me.
well. i wanted some form of guitar around 400ish bucks cuase im broke and in college and thats as good as i can do right now. i though i was going to get a used prs SE, or a epi SG (a nice one). couldnt find a prs.

walked into my local shop and the only guitar in the whole place my eye jumped to was a used 06 epi les paul custom in alpine white/gold. it was basically what i wanted and in perfect shape. action was good, everything worked. i really didnt even test it. did it matter? like i was going to buy anything better for 400-500.

went home. musicians friend had it new for 799. DONE. SOLD. i sped back to the shop and got it for 400. best guitar under 800 ive ever played.

heck of it is, my roommate has a gibson studio. i find it quite a lackluster guitar for something that costs about 1000 bucks. nothing about it screams quality and my 400 dollar epiphone shounds guite similar. it lacks all the appeal an amazing high end gibson does.

in my eyes, i have the better guitar. however, it could be a bad studio. people do say they vary a lot from guitar to guitar...
I had a epiphone les paul special 2 that I just dicked around with while I was in college. Then my parent's got me a gibson les paul doublecut for my college graduation. the rest is history.
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I had a Squier Strat. I'd saved up a little money from my job, walked into Guitar Center and played about 20 guitars, and bought the one I liked the best. American Deluxe Strat. Quite a big difference between my first and second guitars
Schecter, was my fourth guitar. Only one that I haven't sold. It is a part of me now

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I walked into the store, picked up my schecter and was in love.
It's never failed me, I'm so glad I got it <3

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I worked some summer jobs to buy my 1st guitar because I knew I didn't want some starter pack BS, I wanted a good quality guitar. After reading good reviews online (which I know know is extremely misleading), I got my Deluxe Blackout Tele for $450 new on Musician's Friend (now goes for $600), even though I'd neither tried it out nor saw it in real life. However, I now realize after a few years of playing that my naivety benefited me in the long run; this guitar's quality is seriously on par with American Teles, and the 3 single coil pickups (5 way switching) is probably the greatest thing ever. Plus, it's ridiculously sexy.
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I've bought tones of guitars that I convinced myself would be great at the time and within a week I regretted buying. Some Ibanez, and Epi Dot, and Epi SG, a Squier VM Strat, Fender Aerodyne bass, couple of LP copies, etc. Do it a lot with pedals too, and amps. Been buying all sorts of gera for five-odd years now and it's only been the last three months I've finally bought anything that I think will really last. Funnily enough though, my first guitar was an Epiphone Joe Perry ''Boneyard'' signature Les Paul, I bought it purely because of its finish and Joe Perry's name on it, still one of the best guitars I have ever played, let alone owned. It's also the only guitar I've ever owned that has never needed any modifications or work done to it whatsoever.

I suppose the big thing for me was my Gibson Custom Shop 1959 VOS Reissue Les Paul. When I first picked her up a ocuple of years ago, I absolutely loved her. Couldn't have possibly imagined a better guitar; felt, played and sounded how I had alway dreamed. Thing is, over the last couple of years I have drastically changed how I play and what I play, and she just doesn't fit me at all any more. That and, I was always really scared of taking it out of its case, any time I was playing with it I was constantly anxious about getting a single scratch on it. I spent far more time worrying about the condition of the finish than I did playing it. Got her hanging up in a shop here waiting to be sold now. Kind of sad. Sometimes I think I should go down there, get it back, give it a second chance. Then I'm reminded that I basically can't ever bring myself to play it, that even if I did it wouldn't fit me any more and once it is sold the money will be getting me a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, customised Mayones Regius 7. Something to look forward to. Still, a little sad that it took four grand and two years to work out that my dream guitar wasn't my dream guitar after all.
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My first worthy guitar is the Gibson Les Paul in my sig. I had an epiphone Les Paul 100 as a first guitar. The first one, the pups went out after less than a month, the second one had a bowed neck, and the third one lasted two months before its pups went out. At this point, I called guitar center and explained that although i've owned the guitar(s) over 3 months, I had been so unhappy and been in there so many times, that I was hoping maybe they'd refund the whole amount and let me apply it towards something nicer.

They said yes, and I bought an epiphone les paul custom. Got it home and noticed it had headstock damage, so I drove 50 minutes back in there, returned it and just said "give me the gibson"......best decision I ever made.
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I walked into the store, picked up my schecter and was in love.
It's never failed me, I'm so glad I got it <3

Soul mates!

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schecters forever.

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my epiphone les paul, I went into the shop and didnt even try it out, just paid the money and left with it, not even with a box...

still dont regret it though lol
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my tastes have gone full circle since i bought my first "real" electric guitar.

this time 5 years ago i bought a Epiphone G-400.. i was trying it through a marshall MG and thought it sounded awesome. of course it's not a bad guitar as such, but it's been quite heavily modded.

and oddly, on saturday a found myself nearly putting a deposit on a burny SG which really did feel like my "soulmate" as far as guitars go - it really was a fantastic guitar with a superb tone that practically plays itself - i almost considered trading in several of my cheaper guitars for it except i was too far out of town and can only travel to this shop by train so can't take about 4 guitars with me

seems pretty funny that i find a guitar that seems like "the one" as such, and it's the same style as the one i bought on a whim as my first guitar because i thought it looked cool.
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my "first" guitar is a Epi. Les paul Special II not "worthy" by your standards but is by my old strat copy standards.. next on the list is a amp :/ then mabey next year or later this year a new guitar gotta say though from now on my guitars have to be white as i love em
My first proper guitar would be my PGM301. I'm not a metal fan as such at all, but when I saw it hanging upI had to give it a blast. I'm a big Gilbert fan, so it made sense to have a blast with it. I found it much more versatile than I thought, so I bought it instead of a Les Paul.

In hindsight, I'd of bought an MiA Strat or something instead, but I can't get rid of it really atm. Combined my money with my 18th bday money to get it, so I think that'd be pretty uncouth to get rid of it so quickly.
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Good thread. When I finally decided I wanted to get serious about guitar and replace my starter guitar, I went through what I now consider a ridiculous process....but all beginners learn somehow.

I did the following:
Looked for colors I liked. Looked for shapes that looked neat. Read reviews. Got sucked into a guitar with name brand pickups (EMG's) that I had no idea what they were good for, even though I was pairing the guitar with my 5W Ibanez starter amp. I ended up buying a Ephiphone SG Custom Alpine White with EMG 81/85. Not a bad guitar, but had terrible fretwork that I eventually sold the guitar for....and horrible neck dive. As I learned more and more about guitars and the fact that I actually did have preferences, I got a bit pickier.

My next two purchases were a Fender American Strat, and a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus...both of which I bought online (this was after about 2-3 years of playing with the Epiphone), and both of which I would gladly pay twice what I paid for them because I love them so much. I base my guitar purchases very much on filling a void if I feel I have one. Strat is my clean all around pop/classic rock guitar, LP is my overall do it all guitar, Schecter is my BruOOtZZ guitar, I have a Mike Mushok Baritone for something different/fun, and an acoustic of course.

Basically, identify something you feel you need and are missing, and it'll get you started in the right direction.
Well, my schecter was my first real guitar. The buying process was rather pathetic. At the time, I was a huuuuuge Avenged Sevenfold nut, and since both the guitarist from that band played Schecters, they HAD to be the best guitars on the market >.<
I fortunately got lucky, as it's a good guitar for the price, and the pickup replacement makes it worth all the more
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First real guitar was my Epi SG. I love it! I still play it all the time even over my Les Paul that i love very dearly. It's not favoritism but it just handles what I play better. Get it? However I'm looking into Prs and Ibanez for the next jump.
I would go with a Fender Strat HSS. They have superior sound, small frets to allow easy playability, and both single and double coil pick ups to allow versatility.

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I would go with a Fender Strat HSS. They have superior sound, small frets to allow easy playability, and both single and double coil pick ups to allow versatility.


dude you bumper two threads in 10 minutes :\
It all started really humbly. Then everything got ****ed up!

Harley Benton LP -> Epiphone custom LP -> (!) 2 Gibson Flying Vs (one CS, one normal, both silverburst)

-> BCR Custom shop Stealth (trade, the CS got damaged in delivery, had to get rid of it and a good candidate was found easily!) + Fly V normal -> BCR + Schecter Blackjack ATX c-1 -> BCR + Blackjack + Jackson SLSMG

-> BCR + SLSMG -> BCR + SLSMG + Jackson RR Kevin Bond -> BCR + RR KB + RR24

-> BCR + RR24 + RR KB + Epi Goth LP -> BCR (for sale, nobody wants it!) + 2 Epi Goth LP + BcR Asm pro fixed

A one and a half years' process (been playing for 2,5). Lol?!
I suppose my first "worthy" guitar was my Stratocaster. Made in Korea, ash body, birdseye maple neck, abalone inlays, gold hardware, locking tuners, 57/62 Fender Pickups, and a red and black pickgaurd. Traded in some beginner guitars and a bit of cash, and voila! One lovely, lovely, perfect guitar! Well... the volume control crackels a little.
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I did almost the same thing as the OP, but I regret it. I'm not a les paul person.
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Got my Squier Strat for my birthday 5 years ago, decided the pickups sucked, and it has mutated into a guitar that will melt your face off with awesomeness metal, Barenuckle Painkiller in the bridge, soon to be Barenuckle Trilogy Suites in the middle and neck.

*face melt*
my mommy bought me a gibson lp dc.
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My first real good guitar was an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top. I had no intention of getting a new guitar the day I got it. I saw it, loved the finish, and played it through a Bugera. Sounded great and got it at a discount of $300. My first guitar was an Epiphone Les Paul Special II, which I love dearly. I want to mod the crap out of it, get some new pups and some grover tuners.
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I've been playing since Summer '09
When I bought my very first guitar I was to chicken shit to actually go into the store and buy it. I thought all the awesome guitar players would hear my terrible playing (I had never touched a guitar so) and just laugh.
I ebayed a Strat Squier.

I still don't own what some would call a "worthy' guitar. A few years later I went into the guitar store with $600 in hand to buy something I could call my own and take pride in. I sat in the store for 2hours alone (no sales pressure and it was a Monday at 10am, no one was in there) and literally tried every single guitar on the wall...

Despite having 600$ to spend, the guitar that felt the best in my hands and that I enjoyed playing the most was an Epiphone Les Paul Special II. I still have it and love it(2 years old)

Its not really a stock guitar anymore. I have some pretty awesome pickups in it, new hardware, re did some wiring, sanded the neck so its faster.