Any good?

Open your eyes to see that you are blind

The ocean breeze blows by as you wallow away

Underneath all the pain that has come and gone

Throughout this you learn that you only care

Yet your about to fall

All along the way you only feel shame

All along the way

Down to the corner, on the street of insecurity

Nothing yet is gone

But everything that is built falls to peices

And you now can only feel guilt

Nothing but dark lingering skies

All along the way all you want to do is cry

All along the way

I come up to meet you

Yet I can not find you

I wander around but theres no body out there

That gets to me like you

Nobody knows how much I love you

All along the way all I want to do is hold you

All along the way
Quote by Chrisirl
save this emo poser shit for your diary

Don't be a dick. If you haven't got anything nice or constructive to say, don't post.

I can't really tell if this is a poem or a song, but it's heartfelt and you can feel the emotion in the words.
Its a song, but yea it does read like a poem, but I think when I actually figure out some good music to go with it that it will sound like a song.
U need to get better at making music for ur songs
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Then why don't you do it welchmann? UH!? YEA EXACTLY SON! I LOVE YOU WELCHY POO!