Well, the guitar work is damn good. The rhythm section is nice too. But the vocals do leave a bit to be desired. Some of the harmony/unison parts aren't that great. I only listed to 'To The Max' so far though.
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Holy crap, check this out!
I think the singer needs much improvement, all of the songs sound somewhat repetitious. I love the guitar harmonies and riffs, you guys did a great job on that. But again, the singer needs to use a wider vocal range, it just sounds so flat and emotionless. Almost like he doesn't care what he's singing.

[Edit] The first 2 songs with love in the title sound repetitious, and I always look for variety and a very noticeably different beat in each song. I like to the max though.
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Well I pretty much agree to the comments above.
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I would not send that in as a demo CD to any record labels, in order to get signed, you will need either:
A. Your singer to do some serious vocal practice.
B. Get a new singer.
C. (Not Recommended) Give up on life and get a job at McDonalds.
I like it, it's pretty groovy, in the "has a nice groove" kind of way (versus the "I wear bellbottoms" kind of way). I agree that you need either a new singer, or the current one needs some practice. Really it's the only thing sort of bringing this down. Guitars are nice and the rhythm is pretty awesome. If it didn't sound like Norm McDonald after a couple of drinks on vox, I'd probably be pretty fond of it. It does sound like you guys had fun, though.