Hey everyone, I'm trying to select some pickups for my guitar to replace stocks because I'm not satisfied with their sound. I'm really into DiMarzio pickups and alot of my favorite guitar player's use them. They seem really versitile too. Now is there any specific criteria that the pickups need to have to be put together? Because I wanted to put a DiMarzio Air Norton in the Neck because it produces very nice and smooth jazzy like cleans, and a D-Activator(same company) in the bridge because normally I'll play metal/hard rock stuff when I play on that. Any comments or advice would be great. Thank you!
Honestly you should take anything you want.
If you want advice, use the Pickup Picker on Dimarzio's website.
well, the Tone Zone / Air Norton pair is a classic dimarzio combo.
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A neck PAF/Bridge Mo'Joe has always seemed a nice, versatile combo to me.

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