I played a nice Ibenez today at GC that had farlly low frets that gave a realy sweet tone and feel to the bass...the thing is that the bass cost like 700$ and has a bunch of settings i dont want to spend the cash on (active pickups-extra dials yada yada yada..)

do any of you know of a bass that costs bout $250 new and also has what the tag called "medium frets?"

poke smot
theres alot of basses with medium frets, just look around on musiciansfriend or sumthing(the sell basses right?) they list the fret type on every guitar it should be the same for bass
You could look at a used Ibanez SR300. Alternatively, you could buy any bass you want and get the fret job done to get them to where you would like them.

EDIT: Honestly, if you played a $700 Ibanez and liked the feel and sound, a $250 bass is not going to get you anywhere close to the same feel tone, medium frets or not. Try and find a bass in your price range you find comfortable, you can always get the frets re-done later if it suits your needs.
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