Visions Pt. I

In Sunset Valley there’s a boy:
With a rag and two bags;
Holding up his way
Through a different world.

Bright lights hurt his eyes.
He’s taking one step at a time-
Over and over the rainbow again.

The kid isn’t taken by the sweeter thoughts in mind.
He’s had a taste of hotdogs. Lamb and pork chops,
He’s thinking of committing a crime.
Avarice: taking hold of his two-nickel shoes;
His momma’s wishing him back every night in the blue

Sky is where the boy is taking
His time and time again-
He’d trade ten pennies… a couple of punches
To dream in a place like this.

But the sun won’t take money
Like the side of a jukebox:
He’ll be gone in another set.
See the boy dropping tears in the colour of, fear-
He will never see the barren again.

The kid walks the night with his boots on behind
Sanded hands. There’s dust in his eye-
The kid finds the boy standing on his own,
Looking dead at the stars in sight.