Hey guys

My name is Chris Martin, located in North West London, England, and I am trying to sell some unwanted gear. I am looking to sell my Digitech EX7 expression pedal. It is in really good condition, I have had it for 3-4 years, and it has hardly been used. Has been used in my bedroom, and once live at a gig. Still have the original box, the booklet (a bit creased in places but no rips or anything) and the power supply.

I realise being a brand new member that people may be a bit wary of me but if there are any doubts please don't hesitate to add me on facebook or email me on here or something, I guarantee I am real and serious about selling this pedal, as I am trying to raise some much needed money for my holiday. If you want me to send some photos of it to you or whatever I can do that, I can make a video of me showing you that it works, I am just trying to get shot of it quickly.

I am also looking to sell a Peavey Grind Bass Guitar, obviously this isn't the right place to be advertising it but if anyone knows of anyone in the market for a good bass at a reasonable price please get them in contact with me.

Many thanks everyone, hopefully someone will take it off my hands nice and quick.
Just a tip 110 is probably a bit ambitious if it goes for 130 new. Also, basses get sold on here too!

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Yeah thanks, I was thinking that actually, if anyone wants to make me an offer, then I would be willing to drop the price down to a more suitable level, apologies if I have scared anyone with a high start price, more than open to haggling!