So I really had my heart set on the 333xl but I hear it has a lot of problems and that it breaks down all the time but I might just being iffy about it. Is it worth getting? I cant afford to buy this amp if im going to have to get it to a tech every couple weeks.
The amps are fine, If you get the newer one then expect it to last, and there was only issue with them with the connecter connecting to the power tubes i think and it was a simple and easy fix if you know how to solder, and as far i can tell, no-one has any issues with the amp once they fixed that.

The newer ones have that fixed as well
Shockingly enough, there was more than one problem with the Bugera design. The most egregious one has indeed been fixed but don't expect the build quality to be great.

On the other hand, they have a reasonably good warranty; plus, "lower than average" quality doesn't mean every amp is a complete lemon. It's a choice you're going to have to make if your budget won't allow for a used XXX or something similar.
If these amps had "Behringer" written on them in big block letters, nobody would compliment them because of Behringer's bad reputation (cheap knockoffs). Usually people love the amps they buy (at least in the first few months) so they'll compliment them. And sadly they're the only ones who really know about the reliability issues, so you'll pretty much get biased opinions.
ive had my 6262 since 08 .... still goin' strong ... in 08 they rectified a lot of the "faults"
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I played both the 6505 and 6262 when looking for an amp. I liked the 6262 more than the 6505.

I've had no problems with mine.
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The Bugera bashing is getting a bit old.

YES, they had a problem with their first run of amplifiers. (as many products do)
YES, they fixed the problem.
YES, they are now a reliable amp.

If you don't like Bugera, then don't buy one. But to assume that they all breakdown is just utter nonsense. MANY products have issues when they first come out (hell, my truck is in the shop tonight for a recall).
I remember the TC Electronic G-Major had immense problems with failures and switches when they first came out (it rivaled the problems with Bugera). However, TC fixed the problems and everyone reveres the G Major as one of the best units on the market.
The point is that the Bugera bashing is nothing but a bandwagon for people to jump on (and too many immature people on the internet). I know quite a few people that have converted to Bugera since hearing mine on stage and I have yet to hear of one single failure.
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I've fixed more broken bugeras than any other amp. They've been out for fewer than five years. That should tell you something.
The new ones are better than the old ones but I still would not trust them. The build quality is just not good.

Cry bandwagon all you want, but I know what I'm talking about. I'm glad yours has not broken, but as far as numbers go, I see a lot of amp repairs and Bugera is a frequent customer.