Ok, Just to clear things off, I am going to get a USB Preamp interface thing in a week. ^.^
but while waiting i was thinking last night and came up with a theory.

Would I be able to use a practice amp as a preamp and it turn out to be a success?
or will it go terrible bad?

Plug guitar into amp then run the Line out from the amp into my computer's Line in.
Guitar > Amp > Computer = ????
I'm sure someone on UG has tried this, so I would like some heads up before I crash something.
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it will work, just make sure your using your line out / headphone out / slave out (whatever is on your amp) and not your speaker out.
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In theory it would work, yeah.
Probably better off with an effects board with noise reduction though, that way you wont harm your speakers in any way.
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